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Biking in water with our vision 06/03/2010

Mostardesign Studio has been recently hired by Dynamika. This company was created to innovate in the world of water activities and Spa under the brand of Dynamika spa. This one offers a large range of products for health and has a long experience in the well-being and water activities.
The main goal was to give the new identity an impression of well-being with a spirit of technology and rigour. The company need also to create a brand for a new product range of well-being : Spabike and Spaform.These products offers the possibility to improve well-being and fitness by aquacycling, aquabiking, aquajogging in swimming pool areas and centers.
We have used the everlasting helvetica typeface to give products a modern style. We have also chosen to work with deep colors usually unused in the relaxation universe to improve the innovative side of water activities in health. Click here to see the full project

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