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Look out Arial, here comes Interval Sans Pro 06/01/2010

Since 7 weeks, Interval Sans Pro typeface family is the number 1 in the best fonts selling list at fontspring.com. With the launch of the function “@font face” in the last realized of CSS 3, Interval sans pro meet a big big success with web designers who need a contemporary sans serif text for their web font work. We would like to thank them for their support and their confidence.
For a best usability, this family has been recently optimized to be used as web font with CSS3. With a special price for web licence Interval Sans Pro is now a pratical choice when you need a contemporary sans serif for text typography, headlines, and web fonts work. The strong familial relationships between all the styles and weights make it also a serviceable choice for large web design projects.
Interval Sans Pro is available at fontspring.com with multiple domain licences. Click here to try or buy.

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